Ambient Engineering ...Solutions details of the Bridge Detailed block diagram of the entire process,it’s a big image with lots of detail so it may take a little while to download. Each of the “blocks” shown is a separate form in the Bridge assessment tool document.   The Bridge assessment tool is Copyright but can be used without restriction as long as the credit line and copyright notice remain in place. Contact if you or your organization is interested in obtaining a copy. Once each specific task has been identified, the need for external support is identified. If support is required this process flow helps determines what support(s) will most likely to be successful. The Bridge is based on the concept that most large complex processes can be broken down into a series of smaller more manageable steps or “tasks.”  This complex process is carried out in a specific physical environment and is often accompanied by equally complex human dynamics. See Routine -> Activity -> Task  -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011