Ambient Engineering ...Solutions the Bridge: a process-oriented Assessment Tool for Home and Workplace Accommodations the Bridge is a unique assessment tool developed by Ambient Engineering principals and  embodies a combined 60+ years of occupational therapy and engineering design experience. This assessment approach is based on the concept that our daily routines are critical to our sense of well being and that any purposed accommodation must be integrated into those routines. Any accommodation, however helpful, will face an increased likelihood of abandonment if it forces the consumer outside of the “comfort” of their established routines. Fundamental to this approach is the concept that our “routines” are composed of a sequence of “activities” and that these activities can be further broken down into a sequence of specific “tasks.” The successful completion of these individual “tasks” is what allows us to accomplish the larger activities and routines that constitute the fabric of our lives. Identifying the need and implementing the accommodation(s) required to complete each individual task, within the context of the larger routine, is the focus of this assessment tool. -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011