Ambient Engineering ...Solutions If you are aging-in-place or living with disabilities  “the US is starting to catch-up” Ambient Engineering is committed to this New Paradigm                                                     ...and a world of Choices and Respect -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011 ...the times they are a changin... Consider that ln an ECU Assessment the salesperson talks and you listen. It’s not that your wants and wishes aren’t important..they’re just irrelevant. An ECU is a fixed solution; you adapt to it. It does what it does, it hasn’t changed in the past’s not going to change for you. In an Ambient Engineering Smart Home Assessment, the occupational therapist (OT) and the design engineer listen. They listen and when you have expressed your wants and needs, wishes and dreams the OT will assess your abilities and the engineer will then explain your choices...yea there are lots of choices. At this point it becomes a dialog as the three of us discuss your choices. The advantage to having a design engineer present is that he/she will know if an existing device will work “as is” or if it can be modified to meet your specific needs...yes, a custom solution just for you. That’s Choices and Respect in action.