Ambient Engineering ...Solutions Area’s of transformation: Cognitive Support So what is “cognitive support?” In it’s simplest form it’s your grocery list or a note you paste on the refrigerator to remind yourself to water the plants. A more sophisticated form would be your appointment calendar you keep on your cell phone or smart phone. Example 1 In a Smart Home environment it could be something like the following. Let’s say you like to watch Wheel of Fortune every weekday at 7:00pm but you loose track of time and often miss the first half. In a Smart Home environment, at 6:50pm a soft alarm sounds telling you that a reminder is posted on the kitchen LCD display. When you look at the message it says Wheel of Fortune will be on in 10 minutes. Then at 7:00pm the television turns on and switches to the correct channel for Wheel of Fortune. Example 2 Or perhaps you need to take medication three times a day at specific times. Again a soft alarm sounds (maybe flashing lights, or soft sounds or maybe music) you go to the kitchen LCD display and it says, ‘It’s time to take your medication”  But you take different medications at different times of the day. With the help of your Occupational Therapist you have medication stored in three different drawers. A small light comes on to tell you which drawer to open and a small switch signals the Smart Home computer that the correct drawer was opened. If you open the wrong drawer a soft alert signal your mistake. You take you medication and the computer logs the time when the drawer was opened. Later that day or whenever a family member or caregiver checks the log to verify that you have been taking your medication at the correct time. These are just two examples of what’s possible. In an extreme case you could setup video camera to actually record the individual taking the medication. -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011