Ambient Engineering ...Solutions Area’s of transformation: Injury and Illness Prevention Injuries from a fall are the absolute greatest threat to your independence. Humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately activities we once performed without thought can become dangerous fall hazards. Stepping over a 19 inch bath tub rim can be an invitation to disaster. Simply installing “grab bars” is of little use without the training to use them correctly. In fact they may create a false sense of security that leads to the very fall you were trying to prevent. Ambient Engineering’s experienced staff will observe, recommend, install and train you on the latest technology and techniques to how insure your safety. Unfortunately as we age it seems inevitable that we take more medications. Ensuring that medications are taken correctly and at the correct time is critical to our health and hence our independence. Training from a skilled occupational therapist can help ensure medication compliance while Smart Home technology can unobtrusively monitor and help verify that the learned techniques are being followed correctly. -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011