Ambient Engineering ...Solutions The tools for this transformation: Physical Modifications to your “living space” This is perhaps the most understood aspect of the transformation process because you can see what’s happening. For example, where there were three steps leading from the walk way to the porch, now there’s a ramp. Doesn’t matter that no one is currently using a wheelchair...a ramp is far safer than steps. Or the bathroom has a tub and shower combination which requires one to step over the 19 inch tub rim. This will be replaced with a walk in shower and grab bars. If desired a separate walk in tub can be installed. Or perhaps the laundry room and/or kitchen cabinets need to be mounted in a more accessible manner. Yes, you used a step stool for many years but is it worth the risk of falling and breaking a hip. Ambient Engineering works with several Architects and designers. Each has their strengths which allows us to select the best designer for your home and as with any subcontracted work,  Ambient Engineering accepts total responsible for their work. -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011