Ambient Engineering ...Solutions Area’s of transformation: Unobtrusive Safety Monitoring Most falls occur in the bathroom. A medical alert necklace will summon help if you are conscious enough to press the button...but what if your not. Motion sensors can track your entrance into the bathroom (or any room). If after say 30 minutes no motion is detected “leaving” the bath room then there could be a problem. The system could be programmed to automatically call a neighbor or family member or 911 if no motion is detected after say 60 minutes. Temperature sensors and timers can track stove use and automatically shut off the stove if it appears to be unattended. Exceptions can be provided to allow for cooking Thanksgiving turkeys. Motion sensors can turn on lights before you enter a dark room helping to eliminate yet another fall hazard. Or as part of the total Smart Home solution, the system checks to see that all doors and windows are locked, all lights are off, the security system is armed and the temperature set back when bed sensors detect you have retired for the night -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011