Ambient Engineering ...Solutions The tools for this transformation: Smart Home Technology While the United States is one of the most technologically advanced countries on earth we are a decade behind other industrially sophisticated countries in terms of providing safe, comfortable and affordable living space for those choosing to age in place or those dealing with disabilities. In the US, for whatever reason, technology for supporting those dealing with disabilities is often segregated into a small, limited and technologically unsophisticated marketplace. Environment Control Units or ECUs are the best example of this limited application of technology. While very expensive $6,000 starting price they embody 40 year old and highly problematic technology i.e. X-10. In contrast Smart Home technology provides state-of-the-art, broadly supported, multi- sourced and readily expandable technology at a fraction of the cost. So why is the disability community condemned to second class technology? Ambient Engineering and Smart Home technology represent a New Paradigm. A new future where “choices” are the norm and Independent Living is expanded to it’s highest possible level. Blog post: Research Paper: Smart Home Tech provides ADL and EADL supports Blog post: CSUN 2011 Presentation: Smart Home Tech provides ADL and EADL support Blog post: Research Paper: ICT, A New Frontier in Universal Design -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011