Ambient Engineering ...Solutions Consumer User Interfaces  Consumer in Bed Consumer using Wheelchair Awake Position(s) Sleeping Position VR and/or GUI* VR* only VR* only VR and/or GUI* bed mounted      - remote microphone wheelchair “mounted”         - Tablet         - remote microphone wheelchair mounted         - remote microphone (Laptop, Tablet PC, Remote Microphone)  - bedside mounted      - laptop  - bed mounted       - Tablet       - remote microphone * VR -> Voice Recognition       GUI -> Graphical User Interface VR and/or GUI -> the Laptop and Tablet will support both a GUI and VR Interface. The GUI is provided by the HomeSeer program HSTouch and VR interface is supported by the HomeSeer program Speaker Client. They are not mutually exclusive and can execute simultaneously providing both GUI and VR simultaneously. -- Federally subsidized financing available -- Copyright 2011